Susie Monday

Artist, maker, teacher, author, head cook and bottlewasher.

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The art I make is the result of a life-long love of pattern, texture and color. How I teach is a skill honed by experience (I started teaching creative arts to younger kids when I was 12). After earning a B.A. in Studio Arts from Trinity University, I helped lead an internationally recognized educational foundation, designed curriculum exhibits for schools and other institutions, wrote and edited for a major daily newspaper, opened the San Antonio Children's Museum and then, a dozen years ago, took the scary but essential (for me) leap to become a fulltime artist and art teacher.

About This Blog

This weblog is about the maker's life. The teacher's path. The stitching and dyeing and printing of the craft of art cloth and art quilt. The stumbling around and the soaring, the way the words and the pictures come together. Poetry on the page and in the piecing of bright scraps together. The inner work and the outer journeys to and from. Practicalities and flights of fancy and fearful grandeur, trivial pursuits and tactile amusements. Expect new postings two or three times a week, unless you hear otherwise. 

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    COPPER TREE GALLERY, Brenham, Texas

    Coming next year:

    We are excited to announce the participants for The Art in Fiber 2012:

    Connie M. Fahrion
    Cindy Henneke
    Lisa Kerpoe
    Ginny Eckley
    Suzan Engler
    Liz Axford
    Jo Sweet
    Carolyn Dahl
    Jack Brockette
    Susie Monday
    Jane Dunnewold
    Mary Ruth Smith
    Laura Ann Beehler
    Diane Sandlin
    Andrea Brokenshire
    Linda Teddlie Minton
    Martha Tsihlas
    Susan King
    Barbara Booth
    Annie Smith

    - Thank you all for joining us. We are truly excited about this upcoming show, and look forward to a great artistic relationship with you all. Each one of us has the responsibility to carry our art form to new levels... The Eyes of Texas are Upon Us, yes, we are being watched. Having said that, your creativity is extremely inspiring to others

    Love and IndepenDANCE

    February 21-22

    Artist's Fair 2008

    Joan Grona Gallery:  Blue Star Complex

    11:00 till 6:00 both days.


    Thursday February, 21, 2008

    Susie Monday: -- Angels, saints and sinners inhabit her artful cloth and art quilts, handmade journals and table linens.

    Henry Rayburn: -- Collectible and quirkly photo cards from Truelove, Texas and other Places. Miniature drawings from Annie Truelove's trunk. Exotic and Delicious Collages from Times Past and Times Present.

    Linda Rael: -- My art dolls are funky, soft fabric figures heavily embellished with polymer clay, yarns and beads. Definitely one-of-a-kind!  Also fabric quilt/collage canvases; found object jewelry; fabric pins; fabric collage art purses; small art quilts.

    Carolene Zehner: -- Handmade jewelry featuring necklaces, pendents, bracelets, and pins crafted with sterling, copper and gemstones, using ethnic and vintage glass  beads.

    Sherry Tolar: -- "I do terra cotta sculptures (7-12 tall) embellished with ethnic fabric & ribbons/yarn hair. I call them 'Wild Women'. I also do Wild Women pins and necklaces with my hand-made brightly glazed ceramic beads embellished with ethnic fabrics.

    Gene Elder: --Sorta functional ceramic vessels inspired by the undergrowth in the deepest darkest parts of the Amazon forest. So there!

    Tim Lapping: -- Wood

    Tony Villejo: --Steel hearts for the overly sensitive.

     Robin Raquet: -- An installation remembering San Antonio's beloved "Hipp's Bubble Room." Photographic Note Cards will be for sale.

    Diane Lopez: -- "Step more boldly as yourself,"  Miniature collage altars made of collected items and small paintings.
    "I do photo transfer pieces,embellished pieces,water color pieces, acrylic polymer pieces,different subjects,virgins,women,children, plants,dogs,abstracts,some have words like water,water everywhere but not a drop to drink,starry,starry night,duck,your check is in the mail,home sweet home,I don't do windows, look,watch and listen,time is running down, clocked out, etc. It is just a collection, some will be in little tin like altars."

    Suzi  Ingram:  Mixed-media little worlds, each an atmospheric scene of an incident.

    In Marcia Dahlman Studio:

    Marcia Dahlman--Fountains and raku-fired boxes, fertility figures, map wallpieces and other objects.

    Toni Cheshire --mixed media jewelry of polymer clay, copper, resin and wire, springs and rhinestones.  "I do funky people and animals with attitudes."

    Friday: February 22, 2008

    Margaret King Stanley: of MKS Designs creates handmade, one of a kind necklaces with beads from around the world.

    Susie Monday: present from 2:00 to 6:00
    Henry Rayburn:
    Linda Rael:
    Carolene Zehner:
    Sherry Tolar:
    Gene Elder:
    Tim Lapping:
    Tony Villejo:
    Diane Lopez:
    Suzi  Ingram:
    Marcia Dahlman
    Toni Cheshire





    All in the Fibers 

    January 31- March 21, 2008 


     StoneMetal Press in the San Antonio Blue Star Arts Complex  through March 21.

    An artist's reception for "All in the Fibers" curated by Jane Bishop is January 31, 2008  from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Stonemetal Press is a gallery/printmaking center with an emphasis on printing, and this exhibit features printmaking on fiber surfaces.

    For  more information contact the gallery at

    StoneMetal Press

    Printmaking Center

    First Floor, Bldg B

    Blue Star Art Complex

    1420 South Alamo
    San Antonio, TX 78210


    Art Cloth Exhibit -- "Alterations,"  Tubac Center of the Arts,

    Tubac, AZ


    October 5 - November 11, 2007

    A juried cloth exhibition of featured works by the Artcloth Network
    Saturday, September 29, 2007
    11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  

    See this link to my journal for more information and pictures.

    Courtyard Gallery, Cuero, Texas

    September, 2007

    Fiber Art and Fashion Show
    Saturday, September 29, 2007
    11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  

    Featuring eleven top fiber artists and designers from San Antonio,
    along with fused glass artist Ele Chew-Wright and Mine Creations jewelry line.
    The wearable art will be seen on local ‘celebrity’ models representing
    Arts, Economic Development, Education, History, Hospitality, Medicine,
    Politics, Retail, and Tourism
     Reservations are recommended – seating is limited
    Please call 361-275-9111 or email 
    Print this page for a 10% day of show discount throughout the gallery

    Jane Bishop
    In this high-tech world, Ms. Bishop revels in the process of designing and creating textiles by hand.  Her art encompasses the use of dyed cloth, stamp art, silk-screen, stencils and drawings onto natural fibers such as silk, linen, cotton, rayon, and hemp.  These designs are then used to adorn interesting furniture pieces, including creating a “new look” with vintage furniture.
    Dorothy Crues

     Ms. Crues wields a mean set of needles – knitting needles, that is!  She traded a career as a mathematics teacher at the University of Texas San Antonio for teaching knitting.  Many of her pieces are sold in shops around the country.
    Sandra Edsall
    Sandy lived in many countries including Greece, Singapore, and Malaysia and was able to travel extensively, experiencing a whole new world of exotic textiles and colors.  Today, she is able to continue the creative process of designing and crafting exotic wearable art ensembles that catch the eye and retain the integrity of the original fabric and tradition.
    Angela Ehrenfried
    Since 1985, Ms. Ehrenfried has taken her childhood fascination with color, light, and texture and transformed that into designing and producing beautiful pieces.  This has led her in a new direction of re-conceptualizing wardrobes.
    Kathy Furukawa
    Ms. Furukawa has been exposed to a variety of fiber arts, including weaving, papermaking, and surface design.  Her travels to Iran, Russia, Japan, and Germany have expanded her interests in multi-cultural expressions of fiber art.  Her use of interesting materials adds innovation and whimsy to her unique items of wearable art.
    Martha K. Grant
    Making art through the medium of textiles synthesizes Martha’s many loves from her career in the visual arts.  It has allowed her to indulge her passion for color, calligraphy, spiritual symbols, text patterns, painting, collage, and sewing.  Her work has become a kind of prayer and has led to an eclectic search and an ever-deepening spiritual journey.
    Karen Heddens
    Ms. Heddens has worked as a couture clothing designer for over 25 years, designing exclusively for private clients, small boutiques, and galleries.  She concentrates on creating simple, elegant garments made of fine fabrics that feel wonderful on the body and enhance the beauty of the wearer.  Her designs are worn around the world by her loyal clientele.
    Renita Kuhn

    Renita’s career as a fiber artist and designer began in Sausalito in 1982. She offers professional design and limited productions of art to wear and art accessories.  She has been highly influenced by both Asian and African design concepts.
    Jennifer J. Martin
    Jennifer “J.J” Martin is a writer, fiber artist and photographer.  Her enjoyment of interior design drew her to explore the world of fiber art and “complex cloth.”  “Complex cloth” is how a design of depth and complexity is creating by layering surface design processes like dying, painting, bleaching and foiling over one another until a pleasant result is achieved.
    Susie Monday
    In addition to serving as President of the Fiber Arts of San Antonio, Susie Monday is an artist who works in fiber, creating colorful art quilts and original fabrics for use in interiors, garments and display.  She teaches at her own El Cielo Studio as well as conferences and venues across the United States.
    Sherry Tolar
    Retirement from the world of making whimsical ceramic jewelry for wholesale markets and catalogs didn’t last long.  Sherry is back!  Her bright, colorful, handmade ceramic beads accented with fiber, glass and semi-precious stones are all one of a kind.  Her “Wild Women and Friends” sculptures are also one of a kind - in addition to being especially fun and interesting!  They are made with terra cotta clay, embellished with colorful, hand-dyed and ethnic textiles.

    All-School Show

    April, 2007

    Sirena, Falling or Flying was selected by fibers department Robert Hils for inclusion, and I was named "Notable Faculty Member" for the year at the Southwest School of Art and Craft.


    1550 Gallery, Kerrville

    April, 2007

    I was the featured artist at this contemporary art gallery during their annual Wearable Art show. This gallery, managed by fiber artist Susan Christopher, presents a variety of work in Kerrville, a popular Hill Country destination and retirement community.


    Galeria Ortiz Textures Show

    Nov. 24, 2006 - Jan. 6, 2007 

    Reunion exhibit of fiber art by Textures Gallery owners at this contemporary gallery, now housed in the former Textures space. Curated by Jane Bishop and Diana Roberts. The show is yet to be selected, so watch this space for information about what works of mine will be included.


    Holiday Sale

    November 11,2006 

    FASA -- Fiber Artists of San Antonio -- presents a gift, garment and other fiber arts sale at 107 Castano in Alamo Heights. More than 20 member artists will display all manner of fiber art items for collectors and giftgivers, alike. Join us from 9 to 3 Saturday at this architectural showplace home designed by Roger Rossbach, noted San Antonio architect. I'll have scarves, tablelinens and small items, as well as several new art quilts. For more information, contact Carolene Zehner,


    Trinity University Alumni Exhibit

    October 28, 2006

    I've been invited to show my work at a first-ever informal exhibit as part of Trinity's Homecoming. I won't be able to attend because of prior commitments, but I hope to have pictures to share, soon.